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Ryan Laley Games

Who are we?

We came from a background in education and saw students learning games development from online sources that failed to train them in the knowledge and skills they needed to succeed. Ryan started the YouTube channel as a means to communicate and share his classroom teaching out to the public.

About Us

Teaching and Making Games​

Whilst teaching and privately training individuals and studios around the world we still wanted to show our love for making games; and show those who follow us that we are the real deal. So we are here making games and releasing them, showing our students behind the scenes on how these games come together.


Transparent Development

We believe you can learn a lot from watching someone else do it, and give people understanding of our design decisions. Candidly sharing our development with our followers regularly. 

Over 85,000 subscribers on YouTube. Over 1000 videos, weekly livestreams and regular competitions.

Supported through donations on Patreon, ad revenue on YouTube, and private training and contract work for a variety of clients.

The channel, the donations, the clients, and the support continue to grow year on year.

Growth Strategy

Every year we have been growing our number of supporters and our clientele inside of the games industry. We strive to connect more with other studios, students, clients around the world to bring first class education and support. These are current avenues of growth:

Other Disciplines

Expanding the training on offer by contracting out other specialists who are teaching different disciplines in games development. We are starting with Animation, followed by 3D modelling and texturing.

Games Development

Releasing games developed by us. Demonstrating to followers that we put the money where our mouth is. We are planning to release our newest game Mimic in early Fall 2024.


Outreach programs; working to build connections with those new to industry or those new to Unreal from other engines. We are encouraging more supporters on Patreon with our Creator Challenge feedback.

Our Team

We have a dynamic and experienced team

Ryan Laley

CEO & Company Director

Billy Saunders

Production Manager

Luke Bridger

Lead Animator

Dan Balls

Lead Modeller

Multiple Revenue Streams


The education arm of the business is supported through supporter donations through Patreon and private trading tuition. This approximately brings in £150,000 in gross revenue per annum.


The development arm of the business generates revenue from the private contractor work that take place through out the year. This generates approximately £36,000 in gross revenue per annum and is used to fund the development of our game projects.

This branch is where we are expecting a large growth in especially as we launch our anticipated title Mimic in Fall 2024.