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Mimic is an online multiplayer survival horror game where players (5 in matchmaking, up to 8 in private lobbies) must work together to get off a doomed spaceship, the Icarus. An alien creature is on board the ship and the ship has been set on a collision course with the nearby sun. The alien can be disguised as human, and stalking the corridors of the Icarus are Androids, hunting down survivors to remove the alien threat, killing indiscriminately.

Players must work together to repair the escape shuttle, evade the androids and leave the ship. However, one amongst them is the alien Mimic creature whose objective is to leave the Icarus and must not be allowed to. Complicating things further, another player is a company agent, sent to discreetly collect evidence, samples, and ensure no one else survives.

Players must figure out who they can trust their lives with and work together, or are all doomed to share the same fate.

  • We plan to release the game on Epic Games Store, Steam, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5.
  • A social deduction game where friends can become enemies and your mistrust in them drives the horror.
  • Inspired by classic horrors such as The Thing, and Alien, crossed with Among Us.