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Fireteam is an online multiplayer free-to-play FPS, a throwback to the arcade fast-paced shooters of the past. Up to 8 players fight it out in a variety of game modes and maps. All for free; zero microtransactions, zero DLC, zero in-game advertisements.

Our Mission

More than just a game; Fireteam will be supported with free to watch video tutorials on how to make your own online FPS. Learn everything from making the gunplay to the packaging and publishing of the game on Steam.

Patreon Members get early access to these video tutorials as well as keys to the development build to try out new features coming soon.



Zero Microtransactions, Zero Storefronts, & Zero Adverts

Fast Arcade Action

Fast paced, run and gun shooter that has emphasis on mobility

Free Updates

New maps, modes, & features coming in the future

Make Your Own

Follow the free online tutorials to make your version of the game

Play for Free

Download the game for free and start playing!