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Changes to Private Sessions

Hi Everyone,

Until now private sessions have been 90 minutes long; however, from September, any bookings made will now be 60 minutes in length at the current price. This includes those booked via Patreon Diamond members.

This does not affect anyone’s pre-booked sessions they already have in the calender. If the session is 90 minutes in your calender now, it will remain that way.

This change takes effect with all new bookings from September onwards. So, if you are booking sessions now in August those too will remain 90 minutes.

This change is to address two issues that have arisen in recent months. 

Firstly, the demand in sessions continues to grow, with people wishing to learn games development or have help with their game projects. This has led to my schedule being fully booked for months at a time. Until now I have been putting on extra sessions wherever possible, but the demand keeps increasing and is proving to not be sustainable. By having shorter sessions, I can accommodate more people and at shorter notice too.

Secondly, this channel has been my full-time career now for a year and it has seen great success in its growth. However, running a business has its drawbacks in terms of increased taxes. So, this would have meant increasing the cost of sessions. But I felt this would have been excluding too many people and pricing them out. So, I could either increase the cost or lower the duration.

Cost of the individual session and the bundles remain the same, reminder of private session cost and bundles:

Single Session: $70 USD

Bundle of 4 Sessions: $240 USD

Mega Bundle of 10 Sessions: $600 USD

This is something I have needed to do for a while now, but I have held it back for as long as I possibly can. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at