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Fireteam Patch

After a delayed start of the patch cycle, the first patch for Fireteam is out now. The focus on this patch was to add some often requested features such as scoreboards and joining matches that have already started.

New Map: Palace

Take the battle to this new Asian themed map set inside an eastern styled palace.

New Feature: Scoreboards
Pressing Tab in the match will now show the current scoreboard of the game. You will also find details about the current map and mode that you are playing in.

New Feature: Join In-Progress
You can now find and join sessions that have already started a match. This is to allow people to more easily find matches to join and not have to rely on lobbies remaining open in the menus.


  • Weapon code has been refactored to make it feel more responsive in online play.
  • Race game mode iconography scaling has been corrected.